File Center Professional v10 Full Version for Windows

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File Center Professional v10 Full Version for Windows



File Center Professional v10 Full Version for Windows

Here’s What FileCenter Document Management Software Does …

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Turn your paper into searchable PDFs with a single mouse click. Clearing paper from your desk has never been easier or faster.

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Manage your stored files in an interface that makes sense: electronic file cabinets. Works with any kind of file from any Windows program on the PC or the server.

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PDF is the standard. Make them, manipulate them, and use them in FileCenter. Easy PDF tools and a full-fledged PDF editor make it a snap.

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Make your scans, images, faxes and other documents text searchable. Or convert a scan back into a regular Word or Excel file that you can edit.

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Get a quick peek at a file without even opening it, thanks to FileCenter’s preview window. It’s as easy easy as thumbing through paper documents.

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Sometimes the quickest way to a document is a keyword search. Search through your documents as easily as you search the web.

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Now everyone in the office can access the same files. And if you need to share documents with clients, our integrated Client Portal will help you do it.

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FileCenter works seamlessly with all of the major cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, giving you online and mobile access to your files.

FileCenter Document Management Software: Features at a Glance

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Main Features

Cabinets Explained

FileCenter uses a familiar Cabinet/Drawer/Folder design for organizing files. But if you prefer a traditional Explorer layout, FileCenter also provides an Explorer View.

Rapid Scanning

FileCenter features one-click scanning for efficiently moving paper to PDF. Works with most desktop scanners (TWAIN compatible).

Seamless OCR

FileCenter integrates OCR as a seamless part of the scanning process. Literally go from paper to searchable PDF in one mouse click. Use the built-in engines or your own favorite.

PDF Stacking & Other Tools

With FileCenter Professional, “stack” or join PDF files with drag-and-drop simplicity. You will also be able to split a single PDF into multiple files … without opening it.

Easy Network Sharing

Sharing files on an office network couldn’t be easier. Just put your cabinets on the server. All users will see the same files and get all of the changes instantly.

Cloud Operation

FileCenter is fully compatible with most cloud service providers. Access your files anywhere – on the web, on your smartphone or tablet, or on other cloud-connected computers.

PDF, Scanning, and OCR Features

Powerful PDF Editor

Use FileCenter to open and preview your PDF files. The tabbed interface keeps multiple open files at your fingertips. FileCenter will also let you view your TIFF scans and faxes.

Seamless OCR

If you have scanned documents, FileCenter can make them searchable and indexable through OCR. Or, pull the text out of a PDF and send it to your word processor for editing.

FileCenter’s built-in PDF tools make it a snap to insert new pages, delete pages, and even move pages between files. And rearranging pages is as simple as drag-and-drop.

With one click, convert many kinds of files into the popular PDF format. Or e-mail files as PDFs – convert-and-send does it in one transparent step.

Turn Word documents, web pages, e-mail, or any other kind of file to PDF. Just print your documents to FileCenter’s included PDF printer to turn them into accurate PDF files.

If all you care about is the document text, why not just scan straight to Word? With one click, FileCenter will run a scan, extract the text, and open it in your favorite word processor.

Faster Scanning with Separators

For high-volume scanning, FileCenter can automatically split a stack of scans into individual files. It can even auto-save those files to pre-determined destinations.

Document Management Features

Saving & Opening Files

FileCenter can store any kind of Windows file. It also integrates cleanly with the Save and Open functions of most programs so that you can save and open with FileCenter.

Standardized Folder Layouts

If you use the same folder layouts over and over, FileCenter can make your life easier. Define reusable folder layouts and then recall them on demand.

Standardized File Names

Set up a list of your most common file names in advance. Then save or rename files with just a couple of mouse clicks. These file naming rules can even contain dynamic information.

Scanning & Filing with an Inbox

FileCenter provides an “Inbox” and a split view for organizing and rearranging files. You’ll even be able to rename files as you move them, or create links instead of copies.

Previewing Files

FileCenter’s built-in viewer shows you any office, image, or PDF file on the fly, making FileCenter invaluable for quickly browsing through documents without opening them.

Find Files Quickly

Search through your documents as easily as you search the web. FileCenter’s full-text searching helps you locate files in seconds. FileCenter Professional also lets you search the network.

Send any kind of file with one-click e-mail attachments. Just select and send. Need to send a file as PDF? FileCenter can send many kinds of files as PDFs, with no extra steps.

The biggest shortcoming of network drives is the lack of a Recycle Bin. So FileCenter provides its own. Now if you delete a network file by mistake, it can still be recovered.

FileCenter Professional can make even non-technical users good network administrators. Simple tools make it easy to deploy and administer FileCenter on the network.

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