CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2018 64 Bit Full Version for Windows

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CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2018 64 Bit Full Version for Windows



CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2018 64 Bit Full Version for Windows

Create anddeliver impactful technical communication content with intuitive connectivity,accurate technical illustration tools, and expansive file compatibility. Getright to work in a customizable environment with pen and touch support,professional image editing and advanced standards compliance. CorelDRAW®Technical Suite 2017 provides dedicated illustration assets for technicalinstruction and collaboration in print, online and mobile. It’s the easiest andfastest technical illustration software to author visual communication projectsin a technical world.

Features :-

Technical illustration software
– Dedicated technical illustration and design tools
– Advanced standards compliance
– Expansive file compatibility
– Enhanced isometric drawing tools

Technical communication made simple
Now, you can create visually exceptionaltechnical communication materials using a collection of powerful applications,all included in CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017.

Design to the exact specifications of visuallydetailed assembly instructions, complex user manuals and multi-faceteddocumentation using projected drawing, illustration and boundary tools. Employthe power of dedicated design features to create and deliver the accuracyrequired for any type of technical illustration project.

Maintain an on-going partnership betweenadvanced industry compliance and readability with enhanced file format supportfor 3D CAD, CGM (including WebCGM, S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200), SVG, DWG, PSD, AI,PDF and RAW formats. Publish your document as a 3D PDF or Lattice3D XVL fileformat for instant sharing and publishing via online and mobile.

Customize your workspace to include a preferredUI color and scalability for ease of use, and increase your efficiency withUltra HD and multi-monitor support. Maintain a global presence and profit withthe enhancements made to the Translation Memory System (TMS) support thatallows for multi-lingual technical communication.

Isometric drawing tools
Create isometric or other parallel projectedtechnical illustrations for assembly and maintenance instructions bydynamically drawing on a projected plane. Project your existing planar objectsto a desired plane instead of manually calculating the skew angle and rotation.Obtain more precision and exactness with the UI controls in Corel DESIGNER®, asusers can draw and edit shapes using accurate measurements in isometric andother projected drawing modes.

Advanced dimension tools
Eliminate the need to draw and project dimensionobjects in multiple steps thanks to the advanced dimension tools. Displayprecise measurement values in building plans and more, including radial anddiameter dimensioning. Plus, with projected dimension options, your projecteddrawings can be quickly documented with precise and dynamic dimension lines andtext.

3D import and visualization tools
Add context to your technical projects by using3D views and models in your technical illustrations. With the integratedLattice3D Studio Corel Edition, you can create high-quality renderings from 3Dviews that are imported from DWG and 3DS, plus IGES which is new in CorelDRAWTechnical Suite 2017. In addition, you can easily transform these 3D views intovector illustrations by using the built-in “Send to Corel DESIGNER” feature.

Insert 3D models into technical illustrations
Insert a 3D model into a Corel DESIGNER documentas an external reference, or embed the 3D model (XVL file) in the CorelDESIGNER document. The inserted 3D model is accessible as an editable andinteractive 3D element inside the illustration that can be viewed inhigh-resolution preview and overlayed with other graphical elements.

3D PDF publishing
Publish to 3D PDF with interactive viewing of 3Dcontent in combination with other visual and text elements. Export from CorelDESIGNER to 3D PDF to generate output with all pertinent data and graphics inone document for cross-media publishing. 3D PDF files can be viewed with freePDF reader applications that are installed on almost any desktop or laptopcomputer.

Translation Memory System (TMS) support
Reach a worldwide audience with a new optionthat allows you to send text content from your graphics file in Corel DESIGNERto Translation Memory Systems (TMS) using XLIFF standard, and receivetranslated content from TMS. The translation results can then be imported intothe existing document to create a new file for the specific language. Withillustrations instantly available in multiple languages, companies can satisfytheir global business needs.

Automated 3D CAD to illustration updatecapability
Expand beyond the standard 3D file support andtake advantage of the automated 3D CAD to illustration update, with theoptional Lattice3D Studio CAD add-on. Streamline the technical illustrationprocess by accessing early 3D designs as a source file. Once the designs areupdated, you can use an automated process, Auto Detection and Update, to implementthe design changes engineering has applied to the original 3D source file.

3D CAD repurposing capabilities
Lattice3D Studio CAD add-on also providessupport for the native assembly and part file formats of high-end 3D CADsystems such as CATIA, SolidWorks, NX, Inventor, PTC Creo and many others.Plus, you can publish animated 3D visualizations as a 3D PDF or Lattice3D fileformat for instant sharing and publishing via online and mobile. Learn more

Easy access to design assets
Instantly find images on your local network andsearch online portals and websites, and easily access content using built-incontent assistant Corel® CONNECT™. Organize assets by type or project in traysthat are shared between Corel DESIGNER, CorelDRAW®, Corel PHOTO-PAINT® andCorel CONNECT for maximum efficiency. Utilize the Content Exchange and the traysynchronization option with Microsoft OneDrive.

Compatibility with the latest file formats
Work and share with confidence using enhancedsupport for technical publication standards, including WebCGM, S1000D, ATAiSpec 2200, SVG and PDF. The redesigned and enhanced CGM export dialog willcapture additional CGM export settings, providing advanced support forindustry-standard CGM profiles.

Redesigned customizable user interface
Match your desktop environment to the way youwork best. CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 offers more UI customization optionsthan ever before, allowing you to tailor your design space with a unique look.Enjoy flexible desktop color scheme options, alter the color of the areasurrounding the drawing page, and even customize the color of your windowborders. Another highly anticipated new feature is the ability to import X6 andX7 workspaces into Corel DESIGNER, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2017 so you cancontinue working right where you left off.

Design tools
Improve your technical communicationcapabilities with a large collection of powerful and dedicated illustrationtools. First, explore the many possibilities with objects, such as the hide anddisplay feature, or the ability to split vector objects, text and bitmaps.Next, Corel DESIGNER 2017 can simplify complex shapes with enhanced nodeselection, copy curve segments and provide a choice of node sizes and shapes.And finally, Corel DESIGNER 2017 and CorelDRAW 2017 allow you to create morerealistic drop shadows with natural-looking feathered edges.

Precise illustration tools
Add greater levels of detail to your technicalillustrations with projected shape tools, including Thread, Well, Cylinder andPrism tools. Quickly and easily draw thread and well shapes in projected spacefor the creation of bolts, nuts and more.

Precision layout and drawing tools
Capture your intended drawing shape withexactness using the Outline Position options that recognize line widthmeasurements for object dimensions. Use the Alignment Guides so all elements ofyour technical illustration are intuitively placed in their intended positionswith precision. Speed up the creation of all kinds of technical graphics withthe Parallel Drawing mode in Corel DESIGNER 2017.

Streamlined callout creation
Track essential design details and keyinformation with dynamic callout tools. Sticky callouts will connect or”stick” to source objects as they are moved around or modified. Youcan also link callout text to source shape metadata. Callouts based on objectmetadata are dynamic, helping you efficiently and consistently implementupdates and changes.

Hotspot capabilities
Use the callout drawing tool in Corel DESIGNERto add interactive functionality to callout shapes in technical publications.With the Object Data Manager docker, you can list metadata fields, such asWebCGM metadata, for any graphical or callout shape. Object data items can beedited so that shapes can be manually edited as hotspots for WebCGM output.

Total control over fills and transparency
We’ve created our most powerful fill engineever, giving you complete control over your fountain, bitmap pattern, vectorpattern and hatch fills. Plus, the Fill dialog includes access to ContentExchange and fill libraries in Corel DESIGNER.

Drawing scale control
Create your illustrations and diagrams inaccurate scale with the drawing scale control. View the active drawing scale,switch to another preset or set a custom scale at any time. In addition, CorelDESIGNER maintains the drawing scale when importing a vector illustration froma 3D model view so that imported views can be placed at a precise scale.

Object Styles
Ensure a consistent look, style, and layoutthroughout your design projects with Object Styles, Color Styles and ColorHarmonies. With the enhanced Object Styles in Corel DESIGNER, you can manageobject styles, such as outline color, line style, line width, halo, fill typeand color, and text styles. You can then create symbol libraries that can beaccessed and used across projects. Reuse the style definitions that you createonce and apply to the individual components in the custom symbols.

Equation Editor
Manage mathematical equations as editableelements within technical illustrations using the integrated Equation Editor.Mathematical and scientific formulas can be inserted and displayed in thedrawing, and then modified when needed. Existing equations from older CorelDRAWdocuments can be opened or imported for use in Corel DESIGNER equations.

QR Code generator
Create time-saving QR codes with Corel DESIGNERand add scalable QR codes to a drawing*, allowing you to give technicians inthe field the ability to link to online technical documentation from printeddocumentation or machine labels using a mobile device.

Powerful design and technology with CorelDRAW
Enhance your illustrations and marketingcommunications with the versatile creative graphics power of CorelDRAW 2017,the intuitive, world-renowned vector illustration and page layout applicationfor single-sourced graphic design. In addition, it features the new LiveSketch™drawing tool based on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence andMachine Learning. It essentially transforms the creativity of free formsketching into precise vector curves directly on a pen-enabled device.

Professional image-editing power with CorelPHOTO-PAINT
Ensure the photos being included in anytechnical documentation have the professional look you need. With the enhancedStraighten Image dialog box in Corel DESIGNER, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT,you can correct perspective distortions with a few simple clicks. Reach for theHealing Clone tool to discreetly remove unwanted spots and imperfections fromany image. Discreetly blur parts of images without overwriting the original imagewith the Gaussian Blur special effect in Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

High-DPI display and multi-monitor support
Author your technical communication projects onhigh-definition monitors, including Ultra HD. With the improvements tomulti-monitor support, the UI elements can be scaled up to a usable size whileretaining the sharpness of the icons. Plus, with an updated interface andsupport for 5K monitors, you can also edit photos at their native resolutionand see the subtlest details of any image.

Pen & Touch support
Increase your drawing capabilities with an arrayof new device and tool options, including Real-Time Stylus (RTS) and atouch-friendly user interface. With an RTS-compatible pen tablet or device, youcan capture important details on the fly, and retain full control of your linedrawing tools and brushstrokes. Maximize the size of your drawing window with anew Touch workspace. Save time and energy by panning and zooming in a singlegesture, and display only the commands and tools you use most often. Whenyou’re back at your desk, simply reattach the keyboard and your UI willinstantly revert back to your default desktop setup.

Native 64-bit and multi-core support
Get your designs ready fast with native 64-bitsupport and multi-core processing power in this graphic design program. You’llsee results in less time, work without hiccups while running multipleapplications, be able to open and edit more large files at once, and processlarger files and images faster than ever.

Time-saving LiveSketch™ tool
Transform the creativity of free form sketchinginto precise vector curves directly on a pen-enabled device. Using theinnovative LiveSketch tool, your strokes are adjusted and combined to existingvector curves, allowing you to sketch, adjust and design on the fly. Best ofall, you’ll eliminate the time-consuming task of sketching on paper, scanningand tracing to vector with this revolutionary new tool.

Advanced automation capabilities
Create macros and add-ins with the integratedMicrosoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) and Visual Basic forApplications (VBA). With the enhanced automation interface, developers cancreate utilities and macros that can interact with the drawing page. Using thenew classes and methods, you can now create even more powerful utilities andmacros to enhance the applications in CorelDRAW Technical Suite.


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